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National Cash Closely Following Global Rollout Of Bitcoin ATMs In Neighborhood Stores

By January 25, 2018May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

cash bitcoinWhile investing is always an adventure, doing so with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been especially exciting as of late. During the latter half of 2017, this financial product that changes hands on digital platforms was worth roughly $19,000 apiece. Those transactions are tracked on a public ledger and the “mining” that earns you more Bitcoins boils down to using computing power to decipher a code that’s hidden in each new chain of the currency’s information. Question is, what can you do with this unregulated currency? Quite a bit, actually, and that’s why National Cash is here to explain its real-world uses and note to consumers that this leading ATM services company is keeping tabs on the overall industry.

According to a Jan. 5, 2018 article from CityLab, an online arm of The Atlantic magazine, there are currently more than 80 BTMs – yes, Bitcoin teller machines – across New York City in places you probably stop into on a daily basis. The owners aren’t fly-by-night operators, either, so putting your cash into the BTMs in exchange for a piece of the Bitcoin action does have oversight. The idea here is two-fold: You can either insert cash as an investment in exchange for a piece of the action or send that investment as currency to someone who can spend it with a merchant that accepts Bitcoins as payment. According to a Tennessee-based NBC affiliate, the straightforward way of obtaining a piece of the Bitcoin pie is by inserting your cash and being awarded the amount of Bitcoin at its current exchange rate.

According to the CityLab article, some major retailers like Reddit and Microsoft accept the online Bitcoin payment system while the brick-and-mortar sector includes a Minnesota funeral home and gun store in Texas. If you’ve been looking to score some Bitcoin, the above examples succinctly show that now’s the time to do so and it can even be accomplished during your daily travels. According to a late 2017 news article out of Israel, demand at one of just two Bitcoin BTMs in the country forced a shutdown due to “extraordinarily long processing times.”

As for National Cash, which is capable of developing ATM solutions that can meet your business needs, this recent development shows that the automated teller industry is evolving. National Cash boasts decades of combined experience and is known for the emphasis that it places on quality products, safety and customization. Through ATM kiosks, colorful wraps and rental services, National Cash is always looking for ways to modernize the ATM industry. While the value of one Bitcoin has dropped from that all-time $19,000 high during recent weeks, those looking to get involved with this market still have much to gain after taking the time to understand the industry, its ebbs and flows and ways that you can get in on the action.