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Planners Of Outdoor Spring Events Should Research Benefits Of Mobile ATM Services

By March 1, 2018May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

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Spring is in the air for much of the country and the opportunity to finally enjoy the outdoors again couldn’t come soon enough for so many of us. This means baseball tournaments, county fairs, 5K runs, wine tastings all other varieties of outdoor celebrations and gatherings. For organizers putting together events like these and more, there is no shortage of logistical concerns. These include permits for the local government, finding an appropriate facility to host your event, spreading the word of your event via social media or news outlets, hiring security is necessary and generally making sure that every last odd and end is accounted for.

According to the tourism experts at, Washington, D.C. is a great case study for popular outdoor events in the spring. The nation’s capital will host upcoming wine festivals, an Asian heritage festival, Memorial Day concert and jazz festival among other events that are likely to appeal to a wide audience and achieve huge attendance. For organizers looking to earn back the money they expended in getting the event together, a mobile ATM is undoubtedly a wise investment.

When attendees head to a public event, it should be expected that they won’t all have the needed funds on hand to provide for lunch and souvenirs for themselves and the rest of the family. Even parking or entrance fees could be a problem for those without cash on hand. Organizers who expect this to become an issue should then take a look at companies offering ATM services that can easily solve this predicament. With a mobile ATM, you’re offering a safe and secure way for patrons to access their bank account and spend money at your event. Studies have shown that the installation of a wireless ATM can increase on-site retail sales by up to 50 percent. Those organizing an outdoor market will likely have vendors asking about having a source of cash available so shoppers will be able to get the funds needed to make purchases. Fortunately, you’ll be able to point to your research of ATM services to show that you’re a proactive planner.

The first day of spring’s 2018 season is March 20 and that’s just around the corner. For those who already know that they’ll be in need of a mobile ATM for upcoming outdoor events, researching the offerings from National Cash is one way to learn about ATM services that will increase enjoyment for everyone involved. Best of all, this company offers on-site technicians as an option for event managers who value peace of mind and profit.