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With proper ATM placement, you can easily maximize your return on investment. At National Cash, we provide the best ATM solutions and can help you determine the best location for your machine.

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Installing an ATM at your business can help your company increase its revenue, attract more patrons, and enhance customer satisfaction. To reap the full benefits of your ATM placement, you need to position the machine in a location that’s visible, accessible and safe.

An ATM machine doesn’t do you any good if people can’t see it or know it’s there. Don’t resign ATM placement to where it’s not easily visible or accessible, such as behind a wall or large furniture. The best location is near the entrance to encourage those passing by to pop in to use the machine. At the same time, you want it to be located inside your business so that passersby are encouraged to stay and look around your business. To help attract passersby, put a sign in your store window indicating that you have an ATM machine inside.

Aside from visibility, you want your patrons to feel safe using your ATM. Place it in a well-lit location with some foot traffic. However, too much traffic can make your customers feel uneasy when they are trying to make a transaction. These are the types of ATM solutions that National Cash can propose to clients. At the end of the day, you’ll be using prime ATM placement to give customers an additional value while boosting the capabilities of your business.