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Enter your information in the form below to make all calculations. Information collected is used solely for the purpose of providing ATM processing quotes. It is never sold or shared with a third party.

Step 1 - Enter daily foot traffic

Step 2 - Enter the surcharge to see your total monthly profit from your ATM.

Surcharge Revenue

X 30 days

x approximatly 5% of monthly customers will use the ATM

(Industry average is $3)

Spending Revenue

X $60 average withdrawal

X 20% increased spending by ATM users

(Average of 20% of the money withdrawn is spent in the store)

Total Surcharge + Spending revenue generated from the ATM: Reset

All examples provided on this page are theoretical calculations; they are hypothetical scenarios only and may not reflect actual profit/revenue. National Cash Systems has provided their ATM Profit Calculator in order to assist merchants in determining the methodology to calculate potential profitability. The example above may not be typical. National Cash Systems makes no warranty or representation regarding projected revenue or expenses of operating an ATM. Actual profitability depends on many factors some of which are beyond the scope of this calculator.