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Clients and Retail Chains – ATM Solutions

NATIONAL CASH® provides comprehensive turn-key retail ATM machines and ATM turnkey solutions customizable to your unique needs.

Our retail ATM machines offer:

  • Transaction processing
  • Terminal driving
  • Online access for daily and monthly transaction activity
  • Monthly statements
  • Customer and technical support 24/7 with an after-hours call center with live support
  • A range and variety of multi-function retail ATM machine to choose from
  • Cash management solutions: armored car service, cash supply, auditing
  • Maintenance
  • Signage
  • Branding
  • Portfolio management
  • Remote monitoring

Additional Retail ATM Machine Solutions:

Turnkey ATM Cash Management Solutions
Under a cash management program, the ATM is the personal property of NATIONAL CASH®. In this case, we would be responsible for supplying, managing, and forecasting the cash and remote monitoring of equipment to ensure smooth operation. First and second line maintenance, such as replacing paper, clearing paper or bill jams, resetting the ATM and any telecommunications, power issues, troubleshooting and maintenance repair by certified technicians is also managed by NATIONAL CASH®. Since NATIONAL CASH® is purchasing the ATM, as well as almost all of the expenses related to its operation, the profit sharing to the merchant or location owner is generally lower compared to a Merchant-Owned or Merchant Load solutions. Typically, we deploy ATMs under turnkey arrangements for our national and regional merchant customers. Generally merchants need to qualify for our ATM turnkey solutions, which we consider necessary to justify the upfront capital cost.

Merchant-Load ATM Solutions
The ATM is the property of NATIONAL CASH® and cash replenishment is typically supplied by the merchant or store owner. The merchant generally helps in replacing paper, and troubleshooting minor issues. In this case, the merchant typically receives a middle-of-the-road profit sharing since the ATM is owned by NATIONAL CASH®.

Merchant-Owned ATM Solutions
The ATM is the personal property of the merchant, or store owner. The merchant is responsible for its maintenance and most of the operating costs. Under this program, the profit sharing is the highest since the merchant is responsible for providing cash for the ATM and all maintenance. Sometimes the merchant contracts with NATIONAL CASH® an extended warranty program which covers miscellaneous repairs after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. In some cases, for a small percentage of our merchant-owned accounts, the merchants request NATIONAL CASH® to supply the cash. In this case, the merchant receives a reduction in his gross income therefore receiving less than normal. However it releases more available cash flow to supply other operations of their business.

The terms of our merchant contracts vary as a result of negotiations at the time of execution. In the case of turnkey arrangements, which are typically employed with our major national and regional merchants, the contract terms may vary.

To learn more about our retail ATM machines and solutions, call us toll free on 888.642.2274