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Hyosung ATM

Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 5300 series
Best of both worlds are offered through Monimax 5300 which combines value added features and reliable ATM performance in banking transactions.


The Hyosung ATM Advantage

Value Added Services with Enhanced Sidecar
With powerful Intel Pentium-IV processor and 15″ touch screen LCD not only does the Monimax 5300 allow daily financial transactions but also generates additional revenue streams by automated bill payment service, stored value cards and check cashing with the option of a sidecar.

Scalability & Flexibility
Monimax 5300 is a multi cassette casino ATM supporting up to 6,000 notes that gives multiple pricing options and is highly compatible with HK300 and HK400 sidecar offering flexibility in operations.

Small footprint & Attractive figure
Compliant to ADA standard and having small footprint gives much flexibility in the installation process. Its design is also ideal for off-site environment.

ATM Specifications

System Control
Intel Pentium -IV Processor
Microsoft Window XP platform
Optional: 12.1” TFT LCD

TCP/IP (SSL configurable)
Optional: Dial up, Wireless connection

Application Software
NDC+, DDC912, Web enabled

Customer Display
15” Color TFT LCD
Sunlight viewable

Input Type
4 x 2 Function Keys
4 x 4 Numeric keys
VISA EPP (Encrypting PIN Pad)
ADA compliant
Optional Touch screen

Card Handling
Dip type card reader
Optional: IC card reader, EMV Level 1&2 compliant

Cash Dispensing
2000 notes Cassette
(Up to 3 Cassettes)

Graphic thermal receipt printer
Electronic journal
Optional: Graphic thermal journal printer

UL291 Business hour safety
Electronic lock
Security camera
Optional: KABA Mas Cencon safe lock

Lead-through indicator
Backup battery
(Reserving last transaction and safety shutdown)
Optional: High brightness topper

Side-car (Optional)
Bill acceptor
Card dispenser
Card printer
Check scanner
Finger print scanner
Coin accepter (Optional)
Coin dispenser (Optional)
Card dispenser
ID card scanner

Power Supply
AC 110 ~ 230V, 50 ~60Hz
Backup battery
(Reserving last transaction and safe shutdown)

Operating Environment
32°F ~ 104°F ( 0°C ~ 40°C )
25% ~ 85%

Dimension and Weight
Height : 51.2” (1,300mm)
Width : 16.1” (410mm)
Depth : 22.8” (580mm)
Weight : 265lbs (120kg)