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Casino ATM Machines

NATIONAL CASH® casino ATM enhances your casino or gaming facility with a range of comprehensive ATM and cash access solutions. Our multi purpose specialized casino ATM machines come fully equipped with a range of functionality. Our end-to-end services for casino’s include:

  • Casino ATM equipment
  • Credit and Debit Cash Advance
  • Check Guarantee
  • Check Verification
  • Ticket Redemption
  • Bill Breaking
  • POS Debit
  • ATM Prepaid Card Solutions
  • Title 31
  • Electronic signature
  • Software integration to streamline cage operations with above listed casino services
  • Cross-sell marketing opportunities for additional revenue such as loyalty cards, VIP Player cards, integrated coupon and vouchers to interface with multi-function kiosks for additional revenue streams.
  • Inquire about our Pass-Thru Interchange Pricing Plus programs

We offer special services like – armored vans, cash management, cage hardware peripheral equipment, deployment and project management for seamless conversions.

Casino & Gaming ATM Products

For 5-in-1 (ATM, Credit Card Cash Advance, Debit Card Cash Advance, Ticket Redemption, Bill Breaking) Solutions
Glory Casino Kiosk
WMS MultiFunction Kiosk CX2

For 3-in-1 (ATM, Credit Card Cash Advance, Debit Card Cash Advance) Solutions
Diebold Opteva 520
Hyosung 5300XP

To learn more about our retail ATM machines and solutions, call us toll free on 888.642.2274