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Financial Institutions ATM Solutions

For financial institutions large and small, NATIONAL CASH® can customize an ATM program to help meet your business goals. Whether you need to expand your brand and offer more convenient locations to customers, better service your merchant customers, or simply find new revenue streams, there’s a NATIONAL CASH® ATM program that can work for you.

Branding Program
Providing customers with more convenient ATM locations is a surefire way to build and maintain strong relationships while establishing your brand. With a NATIONAL CASH® ATM Branding Program, you can:

    • Improve customer service with surcharge-free access and grow your customer base with additional branded ATM locations
    • Increase awareness in your target geographies
    • Eliminate the investment and risk behind growing your ATM network
    • Simplify your ATM program management with cost-effective monthly pricing and online reporting

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Vendor Management Program
Self-service is the way of the future, and many financial institutions invested heavily in their own fleet of ATM machines to support the trend. But today, some have found that the expense and risk of managing their own ATM network outweighs the benefits. The NATIONAL CASH® Vendor Management solution can turn an unprofitable ATM program into a profitable one by taking over the management your ATM network. This solution uses your current ATM base and lets you:

  • Eliminate ATM management overhead and free up valuable resources
  • Improve ATM machine uptime for customers
  • Maintain market presence and brand awareness
  • Maximize advertising vehicles and potential revenue streams
  • Minimize the risk of maintaining an ATM network

By outsourcing the management of your ATM network, this leads to greater efficiency, productivity, and cost savings while eliminating the infrastructure and investment expenditures associated with managing an ATM channel.

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Placement Program
If your institution is looking for the benefits of a complete ATM program to handle high-traffic locations but with minimal risk, the NATIONAL CASH® Placement Program is for you. With our Placement Program, we use both our fleet of ATMs and our comprehensive management services to maintain your network. All you have to do is provide the space, and we will do the rest!

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Referral Program
Stop saying no to merchant customers. Now you can offer affordable ATM services to your merchants through NATIONAL CASH®. For your merchant customers that may not meet your institution’s minimum requirements to support an ATM program, NATIONAL CASH® can help. Our program provides you with happy customers and a referral bonus – for a win-win proposition.

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Purchase Program
For financial institutions that want to own their machines to maintain control and capture a more significant revenue stream from their ATM network, the NATIONAL CASH® Program is designed to offer machines and processing at a cost-effective price. Other services such as monitoring and maintenance can be customized to offer additional value.

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Routine Maintenance Program
NCS First Line & Second Line Maintenance solutions deliver improved ATM operation, hardware uptime, customer satisfaction, and increased transaction revenue. The resolution of basic service disruptions such as paper, bill & card jams will result in increased levels of quality in the convenience & service you provide your customers. This will consequently reduce your costs over time. Our professional team of expert maintenance personnel can handle the tiresome work of cleaning & repairing your financial institution’s ATMs. Let NATIONAL CASH® perform your maintenance which will ultimately free up your staff to perform tasks more productive to your customer base.

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