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With the holidays right around the corner, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to be extra savvy to compete and win the sale of customers. While there are many things businesses can do to boost revenue, have you considered adding an ATM machine?

Purchasing or renting an ATM is a big investment and you may be wondering if it’s worth it. But there are many advantages that an in-store ATM can offer.

Increased Foot Traffic

When you have a well-advertised ATM in your store it will entice customers to come to your store to use it. An ATM helps attract customers, giving your business a competitive edge over nearby stores that don’t provide this service.

Increased Sales

Having an ATM in your store can make a significant difference in your sales. Customers who use the ATM are more likely to spend more than a non-ATM customer.

Surcharge Revenue

If customers use an ATM service provider not affiliated with their bank, they usually have to pay a fee when they use it. When you lease or purchase an ATM, you determine the transaction fee. The fee goes directly to you, providing additional revenue to your business. Because people are depending more and more on ATMs, they are willing to pay a fee to get cash from an ATM while they shop as opposed to having to go out of their way to withdraw from their bank.

Provide Convenience to Customers

In addition to boosting revenue, an in-store ATM is very convenient for customers. Convenience makes a purchase more likely. Having an ATM in your store prevents customers from having to leave to get the money in order to make a purchase. Instead, customers can quickly and conveniently withdraw the needed money to purchase an item in your store. This saves them time and energy.

Speed Up Store Checkout

With an in-store ATM, you can reduce the time customers spend at the checkout counter since cash is quicker than debit or credit cards.

Added Safety for Customers

An in-store ATM provides customers with a sense of security because they are inside of a store as opposed to outside in an open area. By having an ATM in your store, you can expect repeat customers since many like to use the same ATM because they feel safe and secure using it.

If you’re interested ATM solutions for your business, National Cash can help. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.