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Summer Events with NCS

Are you getting ready for a sensational summer event? National Cash Systems is your go-to ATM and cash provider. Let us take care of every detail, so you can fully concentrate on creating an unforgettable event! Contact our sales team to reserve your machines today!

Custom ATM Wraps

Boost customer engagement and trust by branding your ATM with your unique identity. Stand out from the competition with a customized ATM design that leaves a lasting impression. National Cash Systems offers complimentary design services, ensuring your ATM reflects your brand and entices customers to utilize it more frequently. Visit our wrap page to qt started on your custom ATM wrap before summer crowds pile in!

HD Video now available on Genmega ATM's!

Experience the power of full HD video on all new Genmega ATMs! Elevate your business by uploading commercials, specials, and ads directly to your ATM, capturing customer attention and boosting engagement, ultimately driving increased sales and revenue.

All new Genmega ATM’s also come standard with Gencam security cameras! This adds extra security and piece of mind with every transaction.

Don’t have a Genmega ATM and feel left out of the game, no worries contact our sales team to get one installed today!

Unlock Revenue-Boosting Potential

Surcharge Fee Increase Notice: To ensure the sustainability of our services amidst increased fees from sponsoring banks and processors, we will be adjusting our surcharge fee structure. Effective June 2023, the *surcharge fee per transaction will be increased to $0.50.

Please be assured that this adjustment will not directly impact your business. Instead, it presents a chance to adapt your pricing strategy to align with the evolving market conditions. We remain committed to providing reliable, secure, and convenient ATM services, and we continue to invest in cutting-edge technologies and stringent security measures for your benefit.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership with National Cash Systems. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team at 949.417.5000 or via email at We look forward to continuing to serve you and assisting your business in achieving its goals.

Contact us today to increase your surcharge, offset increases and boost revenues!

*Does not apply to all merchants, call to find out if this is applicable to your location