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Is your business or organization hosting an event where hundreds or even thousands of people will be in attendance? If so, you are probably gearing up for a massive checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly. But, of all the things you’ll be setting up, did you remember one crucial component that needs to be at the event? If you’re not thinking about a mobile ATM, you need to think again!

Mobile ATMs provide an integral service to your event guests because more times than not, they won’t be able to make purchases with their debit or credit cards and will need cash in their pockets. Not only will it serve as a convenience to them, but it can increase retail sales up to 50% and that means more revenue for your event. With that said, here are 10 places you will need a mobile ATM!

  1. State/County Fairscounty fair
  2. Festivals/Carnivals
  3. Concerts
  4. Sporting Events
  5. Trade Shows & Exhibits
  6. Rallies
  7. Conventions
  8. Conferences
  9. Galas, Parades & Celebrations
  10. Holiday Events & Special Occasions

It is a good idea to have a mobile ATM ready for any of the above events because it will provide you with numerous benefits. Customers will be less likely to leave if they have quick access to their cash, it reduces the need to process checks, and it will save you money when it comes to point-of-sale fees from card users. On top of that, outdoor events are still quite some time away from accepting credit card payments as many of your event vendors (concession stands, pop-shop merchants, etc.) may not have access to mobile card terminals to process transactions.

Additionally, mobile ATMs will increase customer satisfaction, generate more traffic for sales (event merchandise, food, memorabilia, etc.) and allows you to strategically place the ATM wherever it is the most beneficial and visible to event attendees.


Are you ready to add a mobile ATM rental to your event checklist?