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What to Look for in ATM Service Providers

By January 26, 2016April 7th, 2022No Comments3 min read

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An ATM is a great addition to any business or public space,  but ATMs are only as good as the ATM service providers behind them. Here’s what to look for the get the absolute best service provider:

1. Top quality equipment. An ATM is supposed to provide value to your customers. It can be a nice add-on, as a service for customers of all kinds, or it can be a “necessity”—such as in a cash-only bar, restaurant or store. In either case, if there is any problem with the equipment, it can frustrate your customers or even send them walking out the door. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you choose ATM service providers who work only with high quality equipment that will perform well in your store, even after years of use.

2. Turnkey ATM plans. The easiest way for most business owners to add an ATM to their store is to choose a “turnkey” or hands-off ATM plan. This is a plan where all facets of ATM management, from stocking it with cash and receipt paper to servicing it for any technical trouble are handled by your service provider. Unfortunately, many ATM service providers either don’t offer these plans in all service areas or charge dearly for the privilege. Look for a provider that is proud to offer turnkey ATM solutions and makes them accessible.

3. Comprehensive options. Beyond a full service turnkey ATM plan, there should be many other options and plan types available. For example, you may want to handle stocking the ATM with cash yourself to reduce the cost of having an ATM. Or, you may want to brand the ATM so that it reflects your business. These should be easy, out of the box options for a reputable ATM company. Similarly, services like cash management, cash advance/prepaid card options, and reporting and portfolio management should all be available. Your service provider should also be able to create custom solutions if you have special business needs.

4. Service & support. An ATM service company is useless without great customer support. Ongoing support should include regular scheduled cleaning and routine maintenance of all machines, plus remote virtual monitoring of your machine to ensure that it is working properly. Technical support should come with several levels, all included in your contract: 24/7 support with a live representative who can troubleshoot most problems over the phone; technicians available by phone for more complicated questions; and field technicians who deploy rapidly to fix problems on the ground.

5. Experience. The more experienced ATM providers have already put practices in place to maximize uptime and keep your ATMs running smoothly. Look for a provider who has demonstrated experience in your specific field.

What has you considering an ATM?