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3 Ways to Increase ATM revenue

By March 27, 2014April 7th, 2022No Comments3 min read

casgloryThe business sector is always on the lookout for means that will help cut cost and boost revenue. ATM is one such incredible way to raise the business revenue. With simple planning and a small investment, an ATM can highly benefit a business in several ways.

Many times, the ATM does not help to create expected profits as it is hidden in an isolated place. It might be placed in the corner of the lobby or kept away from the view of the users. Bad locations are inconvenient and customers will never come to access their money simply because the ATM machine is invisible.

ATM’s that are not managed well are a waste of investment. On the contrast, ATM machines that are well organized and efficiently managed are a source of profits. Here are the 3 elements every ATM business should consider to integrate in the business model.

ATM Placement

One of the primary advantages of ATM machines is customer convenience and easy access to money anytime. While placing the ATM in a specific location, merchants should always focus on keeping it in high areas of visibility. A simple example is a lobby or the food court of a mall. People are always in need of cash when they are out to shop, and an ATM that is closely placed to their shopping location, is one of the easiest and the most used machine. Another favorable location is near the entrance of a building, which is accessed by all and the ATM is highly visible to all who pass by. The main objective for ATM placement is to get maximum traffic especially people who need maximum cash.

ATM Uptime

If you want to enhance the use of the ATM it is essential to ensure that the machine is highly functional. If the connection fails or if the ATM equipment functions poorly, you are likely to lose customers who will never return back to use your ATM. This means that for all the time, when the machine is dysfunctional, there is downtime and your ATM machine is missing out on customers and profits.

Multiple Uses

The modern ATM enables customers to do much more than cash withdrawals. Money transfer, check deposits, and payment facilities are the most popular and convenient ATM solutions offered by the ATM. Once your ATM is placed in the ideal location, where most people have access, enabling multiple uses with such facilities will compel customers to come repeatedly hence ensuring steady revenue for your business.

An ATM barely occupies space and has simple needs for maintenance. Sustainable management with practical strategies such as visible placement with multiple facilities and high up time can drive in traffic and ensures steady profits for the merchant.

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