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Creative Bank Marketing through ATM Machines

By October 29, 2013April 7th, 2022No Comments3 min read

Modern ATM S are swift touch points, which enable customers to do more than just cash dispensing from multiple locations. Many banks consider the ATM as an essential medium to regularly interact with customers spread wide and far. ATM marketing plays a key role in promoting banking services to creates an everlasting impression on the customer’s mind.

ATM Wraps

A successful ATM marketing begins with creating an exclusive feel of the brand when the customer steps in to avail ATM services. ATM wraps is a marketing strategy to help customers capture a visual identity of the bank as a brand. These vibrant printed sheets are wrapped around ATM machines and creatively highlight exclusive brand features.

ATM wraps are skillfully designed and most of them contain brand logos or showcase exclusive banking services. Besides its advantage of speaking up for the brand these are inexpensive and create a powerful impression on the customers even after they leave the ATM premise. Know more about National Cash Systems ATM wraps

ATM Locator on web and mobile

With the world exposed to the most use-friendly innovations, ATM locator is a trending as a valuable feature of the new smart phones. Many banks consider internet and networking as a primary marketing source, the ATM locator being one of the most successful outcome. These applications help customers locate ATM S in nearby area and notify for ATM solutions offered by the bank.

The ATM locator is not limited as an app in the mobile device. Customers having access to internet can also use the bank’s website to explore various branches and understand key features of the locator. A website is an essential tool to receive feedback from customers and improve custom ATM programs by keeping such information accessible on web and mobile phones.

On-Screen Advertising

A striking feature of ATM machines is that the user’s eyes are constantly focused on the ATM screen as they are carefully engrossed with the transaction processing. This is the perfect 20 seconds opportunity for banks to display a static or interactive promotional advertising.

A welcome screen with a creatively animated logo, latest banking services promotions and important announcements make for some flashy screen messages to keep customers resourcefully engaged. On-screen advertising are an opportunity to creatively market custom ATM programs and keep customers updated with all the necessary information.

Receipt Messages

Receipts stay with the customers as a reference source for transactions. This means even after leaving the ATM, marketing messages printed on this essential piece of paper will be read by customers and used for brand re-call.

The receipt has the quintessential brand logo and bank contact details which are used by customers to extract useful information on special custom ATM programs provided by the bank whose machine the customer used, to conduct a specific transaction. This makes the receipt more valuable than those with cliched advertising messages.

It is wise to include a marketing message in every channel of communication, which reaches to the customers. Marketing for banks using the ATM needs to be eye-catching and should essentially lead customers to action which requires less effort and quick techniques skillfully embedded in banking services.

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