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Free white paper helps ATM deployers get ready for a contactless, cardless future

By July 25, 2014April 7th, 2022No Comments1 min read



July 23, 2014

According to the 2014 U.S. Independent ATM Deployer Survey, nearly 35 percent of ATM deployers are working on a strategy to implement contactless ATM transactions. Slightly more than 15 percent are unsure about their plans, or needed more information in order to decide whether to offer contactless or cardless transactions.

To help ATM deployers prepare for the future of mobile ATM technology, the ATM Industry Association and Kahuna ATM Solutions have produced a free, comprehensive white paper, “Cardless ATMs: Are Mobile Transactions the Future of the ATM Industry?”

Visit ATM Marketplace for the full story and to download the white paper!