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Here’s How To Select Smart ATM Placement And See Increased Foot Traffic As A Result

By May 4, 2018May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

ATM Placement

The mantra of every real estate agent who knows how to effectively sell their product is all about location. A property on the market that’s going to draw as many potential buyers as possible has to be in the right place at the right time. If we apply the same logic to an ATM, the desired outcome is just about the same: Get as many people as possible in front of the machine. The rewards of well-thought-out ATM placement can be plentiful, but it does require some research beforehand. This is a point National Cash wants to clearly convey and it’s also the purpose of this article. Finding the perfect ATM placement is more complicated than most might think and the fact that every store doesn’t have the same footprint means we can’t just say, “Put it next to the front door.”

An ATM is an optional investment for gas stations, restaurants, malls, movie theaters and more. However, the payoff of purchasing and installing these devices becomes clear when looking to real-world examples of data from 7-11 convenience stores. The 7-11 stores with ATMs in just the right spot were logging about 6,400 transactions each month. A 7-11 that had its ATM in an “average” spot would see approximately 3,000 transactions per month. These are impressive numbers, but the fact that ATM users statistically spend at least 20 percent more on in-store purchases is another reason to give the topic of placement considerable thought. Usage fees are certainly a factor for businesses that have opted to invest in an ATM for their store, but the convenience that these machines add means it’s likely to keep customers coming back to grab cash.

Naturally, businesses want to know where the best spot for an ATM is. According to the experts at National Cash, which offers businesses the ability to buy or rent ATMs, somewhere near the main entrance provides a two-fold benefit. First, it’s going to give shoppers who were coming in regardless of the ATM’s presence a way to immediately get money they’ll need for purchases. It also offers the opportunity for those passing by to stop in and use the ATM, take a look around and decide if they want to make a purchase or keep moving toward their destination. National Cash also suggests that a sign in the window of your store is going to let both groups know that there is an extra reason to investigate the offerings. Finally, safety is a major concern when it comes to ATM placement. A well-lit area where other people are walking by at regular intervals is going to give off the feeling of safety that’s a prerequisite for frequent use.