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How Can ATM Wraps Boost Your Business?

By July 21, 2015April 7th, 2022No Comments2 min read


If your business has an ATM then you already know that you are providing your customers (and employees) with the convenience of cash whenever they need it. But beyond the monetary convenience it provides, an ATM can serve another purpose that could enhance your business and boost foot traffic by acting as an effective marketing tool.

If you take a moment to visualize an ATM, you can clearly picture the machine with its gray or darkly colored exterior, black accents and LCD screen. It’s typically a simple design that can be identified by just a glance but what if you could take it to another level and make it really stand out to benefit your business?

This is where an ATM wrap comes into play! As human beings, we are very visual by nature and things that catch our eyes can immediately attract attention and curiosity. By taking advantage of this phenomenon and applying it to everyday things, there is the opportunity to capitalize on it! Imagine an ATM that has a vibrant and colorful design that excites the eye and makes us visually scan, not only the ATM itself, but the entire environment it’s in. ATM wraps will help your business because people will notice the ATM which then presents the opportunity for the potential customer to check out everything else surrounding the machine.

ATM wraps act as a valuable marketing tool that your business can design to feature such things like your company logo, a call-to-action like connecting on social media and displaying other important information about your business. Not only can these wraps bring more attention and foot traffic to your business, but you can also benefit from its unique style that will differentiate you from others. Get recognized, boost your revenue and increase brand awareness with a customized ATM wrap today!