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The Future May Hold A Cleaner ATM Experience

By March 19, 2015April 7th, 2022No Comments2 min read

Glassmaker Corning’s germ-fighting glass means you can touch an ATM with less worry

A special glass is just beginning to make its way into public displays such as ATMs and payment terminals, but Corning hopes it will eventually get into consumer electronics.
Corning’s germ-fighting glass means you can touch an ATM with less worry.

by Ben Fox Rubin


The modern world is awash with public touch screens, from airplane TVs to ATMs to deli-counter kiosks. And with all those shared screens comes more potential to share germs.

Glassmaker Corning, whose tough Gorilla Glass displays front Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s new Galaxy S6, is hoping to make our more-touchable electronics world a little less grimy, thanks to its antimicrobial version of Gorilla. The new product, introduced last year, is now making its way into more public places, with Corning in January announcing deals to bring the germ-fighting glass to ATMs and payment terminals. The glass is already on an office touch screen made by Steelcase used to book conference rooms.

Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass is one of the ways Corning is working to make its blockbuster glass more useful in more areas, including bringing an antireflective Gorilla to operating room displays, and strengthening the material and making it more scratch-resistant to make Gorilla more desirable for the automotive and interior architecture industries. If Corning can convince people that they want a glass that prevents the sniffles, it could expand Gorilla’s reach well beyond its base in smartphones, potentially for use on surfaces in hospitals, food storage facilities or public transportation.

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