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Three Deadly Sins When Installing an ATM Machine

By April 20, 2012April 7th, 2022No Comments1 min read

Three important points to remember while installing an ATM


Deadly Sin #3: Do not install an ATM that is hidden in a dark corner where no one will see it. Best practice is to install the ATM in a very high foot traffic part of the location to ensure highest visibility and more transactions. Out of sight out of mind.

Deadly Sin #2: Do not install an ATM unbolted and without proper signage. It is extremely important to ensure the safety and security of your asset and cash in the ATM by securing it to the floor.

Finally, the #1 Most Deadliest Sin: DO NOT install a Thru-the-Wall ATM machine too high for someone not able to reach it. The Department of Justice has recent mandates for handicap accessibility. The fine imposed for a non-ADA compliant ATM machine can be as high as $55,000 dollars! The display screen should be visible from a point located 40 inches (1015 mm) above the center of the clear floor space in front of the machine.