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Here’s Why ATM Merchant Services Should Be Part Of Plan To Increase Your Foot Traffic

By November 15, 2018May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

atm merchant servicesOnline shopping has created a buzz that brick-and-mortar stores can easily compete with if they take proactive steps. Deep down, shoppers want to visit stores, try out the merchandise they hope to purchase and help support stores that are cornerstones of their community. For business owners who want to offer a pleasant and pleasurable shopping experience, there are a number of steps to take that will transform the way guests interact with your store., a business consulting firm, has some timely tips worth sharing – and they are ones that businesses should certainly consider for 2019 and beyond. From addressing the way employees interact with customers to investing in ATM merchant services to increase convenience, this blog should serve as a handy guide on good business practices for those who want to thrive.

Hands-Off: Having employees pressure a customer into a purchase never works. According to, the best approach for salespeople is to ask open-ended questions. “You can get the same or better information from them without playing 20 ‘yes’/’no’ questions,” the article states, adding that “What’s your project today?” would be a fine introduction for any guest.

Floorplans Matter: Impeding the flow of foot traffic can hurt overall sales totals. Having too many counters can cause the same effect, as points out that employees could get stuck behind them for too long while guests view it as a “visual barrier” that separates them from the sales staff. If possible, move or remove counter space to make way for more open floorplans that allow staff and shoppers to mingle and exchange questions and answers.

Added Convenience: Businesses researching ATM merchant services will give customers an additional option of paying in cash. This can boost overall sales, as not everyone is comfortable with using bank cards for purchases. From the business perspective, these kiosks can increase foot traffic, save time for employees, reduce the likelihood of having to deal with bad checks, increase impulse spending, reduce point-of-sale fees and offer monthly residual income. What makes ATM merchant services so appealing is the fact that it crosses industries; everything from restaurants and bars to corner convenience stores and tourist shops can install an ATM and realize the benefits.

Trading Places: Looking at the shopping experience from the perspective of the customer can have a huge payoff. What is the shopper “really scared about, what motivates them, and what is going to assure them that you’re the right partner to get them what they want” are among the considerations that asks merchants to make. By determining these factors and considering ATM merchant services as a way to make things easier for all involved, the likelihood of a better shopping experience comes closer.