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Management Must Consider Casino ATM Solutions And Services To Aid Gamblers, Tourists

By November 2, 2018May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

Casino ATM Solutions and servicesFrom a business management perspective, achieving steady foot traffic and a dependable amount of income while not having to oversee an overly-large pool of employees is a perfect balance. This is the latest case in Las Vegas and according to a September 2018 article from Forbes magazine, “recent trends on the Las Vegas Strip show that casinos are getting more bang and more bucks from fewer employees.” While there are many reasons for this, those in the gambling industry know that casino ATM solutions and services is a great way to boost their bottom line. With the advent of cash-advance and check-verification-capable ATMs, casinos can now take advantage of technology and use it to increase both convenience and customer satisfaction.

“Gaming” sector employees and gambling patrons undoubtedly remain important to Vegas casinos. Per Forbes, some $6 billion in gambling revenue was earned in 2017 and it’s barely behind the pre-Great Recession high of $6.5 billion. What’s more, the magazine points out that casino workers are “more productive than they have ever been” and are producing about $105,000 in revenue each. Here’s the kicker for those considering ATM solutions and services: “Casinos were able to achieve this increase in productivity by investing significantly in technology that allowed them to reduce the number of employees involved directly with gambling. “Game floor workers and new technology, such as casino ATMs that offer bill-breaking and ticket redemption, work hand-in-hand. These types of offerings from an automated ATM are greatly appreciated by those who are in need of gambling-related services, but can’t find an employee to call on for help.

The article also points out that non-gambling activity, “from celebrity chef eateries to hockey games,” has become another draw to “Sin City.” Since gambling in casinos is legal all across the country, with Atlantic City being another mecca of casinos, there’s no reason to fly to Nevada for that explicit purpose. That doesn’t mean Vegas casino is on the decline, however. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, millennials made up “a third of all visitors last year, up from about a quarter in 2015.” These tourists still need cash on hand to foot the bill for their adventures, too, and enterprising casinos that know how to initiate casino ATM solutions and services can install the kiosks in areas where foot traffic is certain to generate the highest number of transactions. Since the usage fee will help pay for the price of purchasing an ATM in the first place, it would behoove the casino to invest in an ATM and investigate a prime place to install it.