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Consider ATM Rental Options To Ensure All Financial Needs Of Event Guests Are Being Met

By April 2, 2018May 25th, 2022No Comments2 min read

ATM Machine

It’s a weekend at the county fair and the kids want cotton candy. Hardly a bank-breaker, you think, but you open up your wallet and guess what — it’s empty.  You’re also not in the position to get in the car and head out in search of an ATM to replenish your funds. What’s a parent to do?  This is a common dilemma at public events and as a business owner or event operator, patrons without a way to spend money aren’t going to be increasing your bottom line. Fortunately, mobile ATM and ATM rental options are out there to help your guests out in a pinch.

These cash-on-demand alternatives can be a life-saver; not everyone is cognizant of the amount of money in their wallet or pocketbook at any given time. Mobile ATMs can come in many forms: be it actual vehicles with the cash-dispensing technology installed or traditional devices that look like what you’d find inside a bank branch or convenience store.

Companies who provide and install such services suggest event planners consider the benefits: Customer satisfaction, boost in retail sales and retaining foot traffic among others. Moreover, most mobile ATM vendors are likely to provide across-the-board support, from the cash that will eventually be withdrawn to monitoring either on- or off-site. The majority of mobile ATMs are wireless, so there won’t be any need to run phone lines for connectivity purposes.

Further, ATM technology today allows for a variety of devices that range in size, services rendered, customer safety and eye-catching appeal. The latter two are important when it comes to outdoor events, as patrons won’t think twice about inserting their bank cards and feeling safe doing so. Just some of the events that stand to benefit from renting an ATM include concerts, food and wine outings, parades, conventions, conferences and more.

For additional information on mobile ATM and ATM rental options, call 888-642-2274.