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How Placing an ATM for free Can Help Your Business

By August 4, 2017May 25th, 2022No Comments2 min read

free  atm placement

Looking for a way to improve your business this summer? Free ATM placement from National Cash could be the answer. National Cash is your number one source for all your turn-key ATM needs. We offer a variety of flexible agreements that can accommodate you and your business.

Our turn-key ATM’s are secure, convenient and reliable. We have been providing superb customer service and helping businesses grow since 1997. Having a free placement ATM from National Cash will provide your customers with a convenience feature that will keep them coming back and ultimately improve your business.

The impact of having an ATM at your business location is tangible. According to Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA (Automatic Teller Machine Industry Association), “ATMs increase annual sales of retailers situated in proximity to them by up to 25 percent through a phenomenon known impulse buying.”

But installing an ATM permanently can cost between $1,500 and $15,000 to purchase depending on the vendor the machine is from. Owning a machine also requires ongoing maintenance, as well as supply and upkeep costs to keep the machine operational and in compliance with regulations. A turn-key ATM with National Cash can help cut the majority of these expenses.

Besides giving you with a cheaper option for implementing an ATM into your business, atm placement from National Cash can also provide the following benefits:

• Provides customers with instant access to cash
• Prevents customers from leaving business to find a source of cash
• Reduces the need for checks
• Reduces credit card processing fees and expenses
• Increases and enhances customer satisfaction
• Increases foot traffic to your business
• Increases overall revenue of business

National Cash ATM units are safe and easy to use. They feature the latest security technology and do not require phone lines as they have innovative wireless connectivity. Besides security, you’ll also get everything you need from National Cash, including equipment, cash and on/off-site monitoring. Place your ATM wherever it’s needed and out onsite technicians will periodically check the machine for added assurance.

Contact National Cash by calling (949) 417-5000 to get more information about ATM placements or rentals. We look forward to speaking with you!