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Business Owners Seeking ATM Machines For Sale Should Research These 3 Options

By September 14, 2017May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

atm machine for saleThe humble ATM has made many millions of lives a whole lot easier. That might sound like an overarching or exaggerated statement, but think about it this way: Where would we be without the ability to immediately withdraw cash? Every trip to the bank to cash a check would require some sort of premeditated accounting to ensure that you’d have enough money on hand to hold you over until the next trip. For businesses in the position to rent, purchase or replace an existing ATM, the decision to invest in an ATM machine for sale is always a wise one. That’s mainly because these companies will see increased foot traffic from those stopping by to use the device. With that foot traffic often comes increased spending inside their stores, as a simple stop to grab cash almost always includes the purchase of a few necessities. In this article from National Cash, we’ll explore a few reasons why the decision to invest in an ATM — either through purchasing one, obtaining a free placement or long-term rentals — is bound to be a benefit to your business.

– Brand-new purchases: We like to think of surcharge fees as something akin to a bridge toll; the toll is imposed to help reimburse what the bridge builder spent during construction. Same goes for ATMs, which often cost at least $2,000. For businesses who’ve researched ATM machines for sale and done the math, purchasing one of these devices is often an investment that will pay for itself over time. Industries that stand to benefit from a brand new ATM can range from the locally-owner gas station to a national chain of hotels or casinos.

– Long-term rental: If the price of admission appears to be too much at first blush, renting may be more appropriate. While the monthly fees vary , businesses, events or vendors that decide to rent an ATM rather than purchase will be able to back out when they see the usefulness of the device expire. Renting is a great option for operations that have a clear opening and closing date, such as a county fair, parade, music concert or wine-tasting event.

– Turn key placement: There are many current ATM owners who do not want to pay to upgrade an out-of-date machine and would like to replace it with a turn key ATM. There are also merchants who does not have an ATM at their location and also doesn’t want the hassle of maintaining an ATM with current software and regulations. Turn key placement for ATMs involves an ATM that is ADA- and EMV-compliant and comes with current software that’s upgraded by National Cash. Those researching free placement would need to qualify by providing the amount of foot traffic at their location and schedule a meeting with a sales representative.