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Secure your ATM from criminals

By August 21, 2013April 7th, 2022No Comments3 min read


The usage of ATMs has shown a steady rise for the past few decades. ATMs have become a common staple among the consumers because they are easy, convenient andfast to fetch immediate cash. With improvement of ATM technology and rise in their number, there has been a significant rise in ATM frauds also. In this period of recession, fraudsters are finding new ways to fish cash out of ATMs.

The most common kind of theft that happens is, thieves and fraudsters driving into a freestanding ATM and ripping it terminal as a whole to bring the cash out, whereas the technologically savvy thieves take technology into their side to fulfill their criminal motives.

There are cities like Dallas, San Diego, and Atlanta which has been hit hard by these heinous ATM frauds and theft. ATM fraud is affecting many major cities in U.S, which is being counted as a hot spot of ATM crimes. For instance Texas alone has experienced more than hundred ATM crimes in 2010.

How to avoid ATM crimes through effective placement of ATM Kiosks


One good way to protect an ATM terminal from theft and damage is to place it intelligently. Analyze your ATM portfolio thoroughly, as well as any new installations made. There are few ways as how and where you can place your ATM terminals.

  • Place ATM terminals and ATM equipment behind bollards
  • For storefront installations, place ATMs behind solid walls
  • Choose well lit, public places
  • Install required security features

Usage of improved technology to prevent ATM frauds


ATM alarms are common and an effective way to prevent fraud. If a thief tries to move an ATM terminal or forcefully impacted, the alarm has the ability to alert up to 10 hours, till it is stopped manually. There are good “security mounting” Systems which prevent the smash and grab ATM thefts. Whenever the ATM terminal is being hit by a hard object, these security mounting systems absorb the shock and prevent it from breakage. Also improved and secured applications and software’s and usage of security cameras used in the ATMs help to prevent such crimes.

The bottom line is that criminals would keep finding new ways to steal money out of ATM’s. But new improved security features are used by the ATM placement services regularly to prevent such crimes. Many intelligent systems are being developed to make ATM terminals more safe and secured. With growing threat of ATM crimes, technology is moving two steps faster to stop such crimes.

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