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Create Confident Customers And Deter Vandals With Installation of ATM Surround

By October 26, 2017May 25th, 2022No Comments3 min read

atm wrapsBusinesses who’ve taken the time to research the ATM market and find the model that’s going to best fit their needs and location are rightly protective of that investment. While an ATM kiosk may at first seem like an immovable addition to any store or street corner, even these devices still need a shield of sorts. That “shield” is commonly known as a “surround” in the industry and its role is indispensable. These add-ons are designed to protect against unexpected damages while adding aesthetic value. For ATM kiosk owners who intend to protect their investment from imperfections, it’s suggested that they go a step further and look into ATM wraps. Not only do these wraps offer branding opportunities, they simply enhance appearance and give customers peace of mind when using your ATM kiosk.

However, we need to talk surrounds before we can move on to ATM wraps. Generally, these add-ons are made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass or another material that helps defend the device from accidental and natural damage. If your ATM is outdoors, that alone is a reason why you should consider a surround to protect it. With a surround in place, it’s likely that some deflection could take place and the ATMs operability wouldn’t be affected. A surround is also instrumental in defending your device from the elements. That’s because extreme heat and wet weather are known to contribute to cracking of the device’s surfaces. Industry experts will tell ATM kiosk owners that a cracked ATM case can allow water in, which would damage electronics on the inside or freeze during the winter.

With the significance of surrounds now established, it’s time for owners to consider ATM wraps as a valuable add-on to the device. Not only are these kits are easy to install, but they are proven to catch customers’ eyes. By working with a trusted ATM dealer, you  can describe and design the ATM wraps that you want and reap the benefits. Think hours of operation, business logo or social media presence printed on the side of your ATM kiosk; it’s a billboard that’s also generating income with every use. A clean ATM is a popular ATM and an increase in foot traffic is a profit for the owner. If you’re serious about ensuring your ATM works as designed for as long as possible, then it’s time to consider ATM surrounds to protect it from unintended damages.