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Ensure Holiday Shoppers Have Cash On Hand, Stick To Their Budgets Through Convenient ATM Placement

By November 20, 2017May 25th, 2022No Comments4 min read

atm for saleWhether you’re window-shopping along your favorite downtown district or perusing the halls of your local mall, you’re going to need money to make holiday gift purchases. This is the time of year when we’re most inclined to splurge on purchases for friends, family and loved ones. That new winter jacket they’ve always been talking about? How about the one-of-a-kind artwork that you know they’ve had their eye on? When it comes to holiday gifts, many of us pull out all the stops to let those in our lives know how much we care about them. However, some problems can arise when we’re thoughtlessly spending or rationalizing purchases for ourselves because, after all, we just bought plenty of stuff for a lot of other people. In this article from ATM placement experts National Cash, we’ll reveal the amount the average American spends each year on holiday gifts and ways for merchants to offer customer-friendly options that can actually increase foot traffic.

In a hectic commerce environment, what’s a smart shopper to do? More importantly, how can a business entice consumers to patronize their store and still leave with peace of mind? We have just the solution and it can be accomplished through ATM placement. By installing a visually-appealing ATM inside your store, you’ll immediately resonate with shoppers who are fearful of wanton spending via their debit or credit cards. The latter is of great concern to those who want to steer clear of the high percentage rates that are accrued through credit card purchases. Sure, shoppers can swipe a credit card and walk away with a much-needed gift – but those bills are going to come due sooner than you think. By finding an ATM for sale, you’ll give shoppers on a budget the chance to take out money and only spend what’s in their hand. If you think you can’t put a price on peace of mind, think again.

According to an October 2017 article form Time magazine, the average American will spend more than $470 on holiday gifts. However, the food and decorations that are also part of the equation add nearly $80 to that total. By finding and installing an ATM for sale, you can help shoppers stick to the plan and only spend what they have access to. According to a recent Lending Tree survey of 1,062 shoppers, half planned to tackle holiday gift shopping with a predetermined budget. However, the loan industry outlet noted that 27 percent of Americans would have debt from holiday-related gift purchases hanging over their head come the new year. Moreover, nearly five percent of respondents said they were still paying off debt stemming from the previous year’s gifts. Currently, the average percentage rate (APR) on a credit card was 15.96 percent in mid-2017 so interest equates to an added risk of using a credit card.

For those concerned about overspending on gifts, or falling victim to the above overspending statistics and debt that must always come due, cash is the answer. To sweeten the deal, business owners who are researching ATM placement for their retail outlets can also spruce up the device via professionally-installed wraps that add to then aesthetics. By having your business name on the side of an ATM, shoppers will know that this is a safe and trust-worthy device that they should withdraw money from when out gathering gifts.